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A couple of me mates have had this account on insta following people from round ours (I cant remember what his @ is cos it keeps getting taken down) and he's offering id's with raised text and a lenticular for 50 quid and like 2 day delivery time, do you reckon he's doing decent id's cos 2 day delivery time is boss (he was saying if we ordered thursday day or night we would get it by either friday or saturday) from his insta story the other day
I know who you're talking about but I don't recommend dealing with him as there's a very high chance he is a scammer.
Avoid Instagram sellers at all cost.

They are complete amateurs making a shit product or resellers with jacked up prices. There is also absolutely no guarantee you will receive anything from them and they have no sense of security meaning you are at risk when the day comes they get caught (and they will.)

Buy from one of the VVL vendors, specifically if you want the faster delivery time and guaranteed legit. This is exactly where your Instagram friend will get his.
Niceone boys, ill probably be getting one from FIDUK near the end of the month