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Would a FIDuk card work in a small bar

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so looking to get a card to go to a small local bar since there’s a lot of entertainment stuff in there I’m interested in going to. This bar doesn’t have a UV light, scanner etc. They take your ID if it’s still bright they’ll use nothing if it’s dark They’ll hold a flashlight over it I’m not sure if they check the actual physical features of the card but wether or not it scans/if the Uv is perfect doesn’t matter.

So would it most likely work. And Would IDgod be a better option for future
Should work especially if they dont check the back
There's very little information to judge from here. While small bars don't typically have massive security teams, security staff / doormen train on different courses and may have mates elsewhere that give them tips so the size of the venue does not correlate with the ability of security staff.

If there's no scanner, bars typically use a UV torch / lamp. Failing that, white light - they'll just be looking for peeling laminate / non-uniform colours. If they turn it over, they're either just doing if for show or they seriously know what they're looking for. Perhaps FIDUK's rendition of a lenticular will fool them, perhaps not.

Head on over to r/UKLeniency and ask if anyone knows the bar in question (however it's against the rules on this forum).