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Been a bouncer

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Tbf lads it's my birthday this weekend, so things here will be coming to and end!:(( Just as ID's get good as well, lol.

anyways I was at a pub last night and stood having a tab with a lass, dece shirt on like because I'd been with family. bouncer goes back inside, so me being the loose cannon I am I stand on the door and a group comes up, for a laugh I just went 'ID's please guys!'. and they gave me them. next group of people did the same. i was so on top of the world i felt as if my ego might go into space so i kept going, then my dream really came true...fid with no raised text!! i looked at it for double the amount of time and the guy was pure shitting it. i just smiled and said cheers mate

this has pure made my birthday weekend and i reckon i'm gonna pure get on it tonight like lads, be like wilk when he was still a bairn, bit of dip and that

have a good weekend lads, might go leeds tonight tbf, big trek but yeye
I think if this was me, I would've taxed the ID just to fuck with the guy, lol. Nice story though.