r0uxbix wrote:
Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:59 pm
Just wonderig has anyone got a succesful method of protecting the raised text from getting scraped off. Also a way to make the god ids less shiny, thanks
Raised text just be careful mate, not a lot else you can do.

I wouldnt worry much about the glossyness, but if you do wanna fix it use matt spray like this . Spray from a couplt ft away in short bursts, letting it dry between bursts (you can always add more, you can't add less). You loose some of the smoothness of the ID but it will look better to the eye. Cover the raised text gently with masking tape too, but be very careful as this can lead to a strange square appearing around the text where the spray hasnt hit, so either do this very well or don't do it at all lol.

Test this on an old card to get the hang of it: clubcards with a shiny finish will be the best thing to test on, as debit cards tend to already be matt.