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This will remain sticky for a couple days to make sure anyone who read the previous post will also read this one.

After a positive conversation with FakeIDUK he has brought a lot of clarity to the matter I discussed in my last post of the same title, and I will be quoting him directly. I've deleted the last post as to not spread misinformation, but a lot of the same things will be here too.


This 'industry' is a very fuckin lucrative one. The fact that we have a community on the clearnet like this and have the ability to post reviews and scans of the IDs etc still amazes me to this day. Something so against the law, something which (when used for reasons other than drinking) can land such a grave punishment, and were here like yee 70% off discount for 5 days. When we are so free to discuss the IDs and such it is easy to forget that this is still a very under ground business.

Now, I'm gonna draw up a little information chart for g0d and FakeIDUK as they are very different operations from whom you should have very different expectations.

  • Produces Driving Licenses, which has the main attraction of being shipped incredibly quickly (as quick as 3 day turnaround in some cases).
  • Is the only producer of cit cards
  • Pretty much a one man operation
  • A relatively small 'business' to whom the money he's making actually matters
  • If there is an issue with the card that affects usability, and is his mistake, he guarantees a reprint. To quote: "we 100% do reprints if we make a mistake or we agree a card is defective or substandard"
Things which will guarantee a reprint are text misalignment, incorrect information on a card, or other blatant fuck ups. The only issue which is not so black and white is the holograms on cit cards.

Small issues with the holo on a cit card are disputed on a one to one basis. We, the mods, will not get involved and fight your battle for you on this one either, so it is down to you how you approach the matter. Do not expect the holo to be 1:1 perfect (don't get me wrong, they're fucking good, but not absolutely perfect), just as Novelty's didn't used to be. To clarify, there is a bit of a trade off (opportunity cost for you economics bois) with the holo. Have it slightly raised and look perfect (like novelty) or have it perfectly flush (like the real thing, raised by a fraction of a mm but basically flush) but have some minor defects on the holo's clarity. FakeIDUK has chosen the flush holo, and with that comes some minor defects. These minor defects (which are barely noticeable baring in mind) are not cause for a reprint. However a case like runin's recent one (a white stripe down the holo) is up for debate. And you can present this to FakeIDUK and try to come to a mutually beneficial conclusion, much as runin did. If the issue with the card is debatable as to whether it affects usability, don't expect a reprint, approch the matter cap in hand and be up for a civilised discussion with FakeIDUK.

Approach him like an adult, not like a whiny brat, though, else you will be told swiftly to fuck off in other words ;).

Also, to the cunts who have tried to scam him out of a card, claiming all sorts of bollocks, take a very long walk off of a very short pier which stands very high above some very sharp rocks.

Finally, some people have asked me and the other mods to get FakeIDUK on the forum to allow things to be cleared up more easily. When asked, he said that he wants to keep his distance from this community for opspec reasons, you may say how easy it is to be anonymous on here but he doesn't consider it worth the risk, which I can apperciate. In his words "I dont want to have a link to the site, I want to stay very discreet" ... "So i should be around longer than some". The guy's in it for the long haul, and i think as a community we'd like to keep him here. To do that we just need to not be cunts ;)

  • For us, he only produces Driving Licenses, and quality wise are they the best on the market. Typical turnaround of 2 weeks to a month.
  • A fucking huge operation
  • A fucking huge 'business'
  • Has basically an army or Chinese slaves working day and night to produce a shit tonne of cards
  • If there is an issue with a card, you will get a reprint, no real stipulation or dispute.
Whether g0d is a legitimate business or just has a lot of money in a lot of Chinese politicians pockets is none of my concern. But either way, hes a huge business with a shit load of sales, to the point where it is cheaper for his team (in many cases) to offer a reprint when something is faulty than to deal with the complaint some other way. G0d is basically the amazon of fake IDs, an astounding track record for offering reprints if IDs arrive faulty and whilst communication is a bit slow (24hrs ish) it's rare you'll be ignore. He hates spam and annoying children, don't do or be either of those things and your gonna be golden.

Involvement of the mods

Mods have never gotten involved with individual disputes with vendors. This is still the case, and will be indefinitely. For widespread issues we can build a case and present it to the vendor in the hopes that we can resolve it, but vendors operate on their own accord providing they abide by the rules and have obviously passed verification. We appreciate that it's frustrating when something goes wrong, but that is between you and the vendor, we hold nothing in escrow and don't intend to intervene with vendors operations. This further emphasises that you ought treat the vendors with respect and dignity when communicating with them as you can't just fall back on us if things don't go your way.

Hail Satan
This updated post has soothed the horrible pain in my right leg and made me feel a little bit better about the fact I’m about to work a 9-5 shift;)

Nice one mate, well written. I’m glad FakeIDUK is gonna be about for a while, he’s a good guy and I reckon his cards can only get better like.
ZS-SAS wrote:
Sat May 19, 2018 7:06 am
This updated post has soothed the horrible pain in my right leg and made me feel a little bit better about the fact I’m about to work a 9-5 shift;)

Nice one mate, well written. I’m glad FakeIDUK is gonna be about for a while, he’s a good guy and I reckon his cards can only get better like.
Yeah man for sure, and haha :)