Tdlr at the bottom of the novel

Well after some experimentation today on my sacrificial god card the laminate around the spoof lenticular got removed.

It started off a bit shakey in the left but when working round to the right I managed to make a much cleaner cut. I’ve blurred coloured in the image under the laminate for obvious reasons but it seems like it might be possible to put in a real lens.

A few things I’ve learn are to go extremely slow initially with light pressure to create a groove which you can then apply more pressure while going around. I used surgical blades because they’re the sharpest thing available to me and aslong as you get one with a pointed tip they are perfect. On any rough edges either use finest sand paper you can find or use the blade again as when using some still regularly fine sand paper I ended up slightly scratching around the hole.

After I made the initial cut around I used a lighter away from the id to apply enough heat so that I could slip the blade under and to the other side lifting the laminate. After the lens is put in i think I’m going to have to apply some clear nail polish around it to ensure it’s smooth.

Here’s my first attempt at a cut

Next I’m gonna looking for some extremely thin lenticular sheet for the card so it’ll be awhile before that arrives.

While I don’t recommend this I was also able to remove each letter of the raised text whole but it was touch and go at times but nice to know that if I find a way to attach it back I could perfectly align the surname.

Next project is to touch over the uv on the front of the card, this is a bit ambitious as I’d have to match the uv colour and then find a way to apply it thin enough so if anyone has any tips let me know.

Fucking hell that was too long of an update I’ll add a tdlr at the bottom.

Tdlr: made a hole in the card, waiting on lenticular sheet, does anyone know how to apply ink very finely.