Not a full-blown review as won't be posting pictures.

Basically, to sum it up, it's perfect, the only issues are the very slight color difference and the photos. This image I sent was a bit shitty and I did ask him if I should send another because I realized it was the wrong one. He said it would be finer but the left side of my jaw looks rather jagged. Doubt it will affect usage although with it being a CIT card it'll probably get eye raped lol.

The color is going to be fixed apparently and to be fair you will probably only be able to tell if it's against another ID.

The only other thing I have to mention may just be me being picky...The bottom left logos do appear ever so slightly blurred, but I doubt this will be an issue to be fair...

To conclude I reckon it's gonna be okay. The market won't be getting flooded with them and to be fair I reckon bouncers will accept em, just check the policy of the venue. I don't think the magnetic strip on the rear is scannable and I think these things pass scannet so all good. Will be giving it a try I suppose, only live once ;)

Also I slightly overpaid in BTC, and fucking hell, stealth was amazing. Obviously, I can't go into detail but all I'm saying is it was better than g0d's.