I'm no id expert but here's a rundown of my opinion on the FIDUK DL v3 :D

Price 9/10
As it was a group order, price was very reasonable and definitely good value.

I ordered around 19th December, right around the Christmas madness where the forum went into meltdown because no one was receiving anything and the bloke was busy as fuck. Contacted fiduk a couple of times for updates and he was genuinely helpful. When he posted order took 5 days to arrive which isnt too bad.

Card 9/10
Card is solid. Seems as thick as and pretty much as bendy as a real dl. Clean edges and corners. However when the cards came they were like curved. Probably due to packaging and shipping and the way theyre stacked with the sticking out lent but I reckon it will be alright.

Template/colour/font 9/10
Compared the cards to a real dl and I was very fucking impressed. Template pretty much spot on from what I can tell. The laminate does have some effect on the colour and clarity but it's not tooooo bad. Font is good.

UV 10/10

Laminate 7/10
Read in the other review that the laminate fucks the colour a bit which is true to an extent. It's really not too bad on the background colour but the text isn't completely black/clear when you look closely. Maybe a bit glossy to be fussy and in some lights has a mirror kind of effect but tbh its still pretty good.

Hologram 10/10
Actual spot on with a real one when I compared it.

Raised text 9/10
Looks banging. Doesn't feel as raised as a real dl but still solid and can't be scratched off.

Lenticular 5/10
Well the moving effect is there. It's a bit different from real in terms of colour but it does create the right effect. However it sticks about 3 feet out from the card and its very noticeable. When you look at it any angle other than straight on it just looks like a fat blob and feels sooo bait. Other review says you can peel it off with some force and there's a spoofed lent under but im still undecided as to whether I have the bottle to at least try with the actual lent first. Also means scanning could be a problem. If anyone has any ideas about what's best to do with this let me know.

No actual microprinting on the card but it kinda looks like it's there still so the card still looks gucci.

Overall 8.5/10
I'm happy with these cards overall and also the vendor, who was helpful throughout the order. Definitely seems usable. If the lent could be flattened to near flush and the laminate slightly improved these ids could be another level of banginggg. Hopefully the bend thing will just sort itself out and literally got them yesterday so no idea how good they'll be in use but let's hope they're gooduns.