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Pricing - 7/10
Bought this + a CIT card for £80 total, pretty good for just two IDs, but g0d on sale is just something else. I understand that the prices are on par with g0d's when buying 5+

Shipping - 9/10
Ordered on the 3rd, shipped on the 11th, arrived on the 14th (11 days total). I know he can sometimes be quicker but I asked him to ship by a certain date and they arrived early so I'm happy.

Reprints - 6/10
Agreed reprints on the 16th, shipped on the 30th, arrived on the 2nd. I paid £15 for the reprints after spending a while convincing him to give me them at all, he stated it should have been £25. I received two cards in the reprint as one had a similar issue (but not as bad as) my first card.

Stealth - 0/10
0 stealth, mum was asking questions but she's a fckin b1tch. Same both times.

Photo: 9/10
I sent him a high res. scan of a passport photo, he didn't touch it - has a grey background like the photo I sent him, I don't have any issues with that.

Card: 10/10
Solid build, no peeling laminate, no fraying edges, everything flush to the card

Template: 9/10
Everything is perfectly clear and in place, everything is flush to the card. UV is present on the front. The rear is fine too, the magnetic strip is there but doubt it works (have never seen an ID's mag stripe scanned in the UK anyway). I don't have a real one to compare to.

Hologram: 7/10 - we got there in the end
My first hologram had a large white "chunk" in the middle of it when viewed at certain angles. It was under the laminate and I found no easy remedy to it, it had something to do with the way the hologram was adhered to the card using heat.

In the reprints, one had a similar issue (but nowhere near as bad) and the other has it but it's barely noticeable and only on the bottom edge of the hologram. All holograms were completely flush and could not be picked by a fingernail.

UV: 10/10
Sharp, bright, absolutely fine.

Usability: will update soon (will be trying London clubs, might try abroad as well), will hopefully try the card with a white chunk to see if it's noticed.

I struggle to pick between this and my g0d IDs, I think they're useful for different purposes. CITs are fantastic for festivals/clubs, g0ds are for everything else. Going forwards, I'm sure the issues with the holograms will be fixed (they don't seem to be a ridiculously widespread issue) as FIDUK turns in to a larger significance in the market.

The speed at which these are produced is fantastic, for anybody in a hurry this is a great product. For overall general purpose use however, I'm going to stick to recommending g0ds unless you are clubbing in many different clubs frequently.

Pics: will post soon
Do you know if CIT cards scan?
Andkondude wrote:
Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:41 pm
Do you know if CIT cards scan?
They do on everything but IDScan of course
Can someone tell me where I can go to purchase cards from g0d? Is he the one that runs the website '' ?

pbgames45 wrote:
Mon Nov 19, 2018 2:09 pm
Can someone tell me where I can go to purchase cards from g0d? Is he the one that runs the website '' ?

You can find the list of verified sellers here including links to there retrospective websites.