I have made a review around a year ago about IDGod. He is still up and running, IDs have not been improved much though, although they are still easily the cheapest and best. I've just checked back on this forum, not a lot of activity but this should help someone out there (feel free to pm me to ask me questions).

Ordering & Customer Service:

Website is still idgod.ph - he has done a fancy redesign of the website and it is very sleek looking. Payment methods have changed though, you used to be able to pay using litecoin or zcash but he only accepts btc and doge as crypto payments right now. Debit card etc are still there although I don't recommend using them.

Customer service is alright, he a new email addresses you can message him on. These aren't shown on the website but if you need to ask him any questions pm me on here and I'll send you the email.


He has changed his pricing system various times, but it currently is $55 for an ID on orders with 4 or more. That is an insane price and there are discount codes for a further discounts.

Shipping wise he now charges $50 extra for priority shipping/skip queue, or charges 40% your order total for "super priority" even quicker shipping and extended 1 year warranty for a replacement.

Also, he sends you a tracking website depending on your shipping method, but simply track on 17track instead (17track.net/en), much more reliable, faster and detailed. As for the shipping time, it is about 10 days give or take for the super priority from placing the order to receiving it (although this varies), and around 14 days for priority. standard will take much longer, perhaps around 3-4 weeks? Not too sure as I don't order standard usually.

ID Quality

The quality of the UK IDs is identical to last time, which was over a year ago I believe. Their not bad quality, still incredibly good, but there are 3 minor flaws still apparent which have not been fixed. These are mostly durability issues, the actual accuracy of the IDs is still incredibly and exactly as good as I praised it in my first review.

Firstly the raised text has a tendency to scratch off easily. For this reason I recommend you do not use a long middle name to reduce the chance of this happening, and make sure you don't apply pressure on the text when sliding it into a wallet. This has been an minor issue for a while, but as long as you're careful it is still a fairly rare occurrence.

Secondly the sides of the laminate can peel on the ID after using it for a while. This will start to happen no matter what, no way around it apart from just being careful with your ID. You do get a spare though and if it starts to rub then just buy another one tbh.

Last the UV on the back is still not perfect, the traffic lights are misaligned and they do not light up green and red whilst under UV light. That said spoons have yet to notice it whilst UVing it under a light, so maybe not a huge issue, but still could be improved.

As for the lettering, laminate, background etc still spot on, especially the lent, still incredibly good and this is the key thing which needs to be good. I have attached some photos below for people to see, will expire after a few weeks so after that just pm me and I'll send you photos.


To be honest there aren't many other alternatives anyway, just FIDUK, OIS and IDGod after blackid exit scammed.

Any questions about ordering etc just pm me