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Ordered a cit card after seeing the reviews on this forum so thought i'd add my own input :)

Cost (10/10)
Payed £50 for a cit card and was worth every penny, best ID out there for the price.

Template (10/10)
No complaints the template looks identical to the real citizen card and i haven't met anyone able to spot the differences

Text (10/10)
No issues, looks the same as on a legit card

Laminate (8/10)
Doesn't fully cover the face of the card so can be seen if the card gets dirty, however, this is can be easily cleaned and becomes unnoticeable again. Dirt and fibres can be seen trapped between the laminate and the template but this doesnt effect the use of the card because it just makes the card look like its been sat in a wallet for a while.

Hologram (8/10)
The hologram itself is perfect and is easily worthy of a 10/10 however if im being really picky the top corners are cut off slightly and in certain light you can see a darker border around the pass hologram.

Shipping (8/10)
Picture was sent after 5 days, due to corrona and shipping from spain it came after 2 weeks. 3 weeks total from initial message.

Communication (9/10)
sometimes responses would be instant sometimes responses would take a few hours or no response would be given at all. Overall the vendor was polite and answered any questions I had.

Stealth (10/10)
Good stealth, easily looked like regular mail

Conclusion (9/10)
Definitely worth the £50 does what it says on the tin.
Had a slight issue with part of the black bar on the back missing colour like it had chipped away as well as fibres and dirt trapped under the card, this made its first use unnerving however even when the shop owner saw the missing ink they didnt care as the ID's pass hologram was so perfect. Hasn't been scanned yet I will update once it does.
It's funny I used to use my CIT everywhere thinking it was so close to the real thing and it did work everywhere, I didn't get it taken for the year and a half I had it. But then I got a real one and realised it's actually way further off from the real thing than you think. Still no complaints though since I got in everywhere I wanted to with it.
hi axel,

you are probably comparing the old design cit card alongside the latest design if you are talking more than a year and a half ago. the design has changed twice in the last few years.

as far as i am aware the fakes cards are practically identical with the current design.

if anyone else has any details we would love to hear from them.