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Ordered one of the Northern Ireland driving licences. The back of the id had no uv on the back of it. Messaged the seller to see if I could get a reprint as it was his mistake. He then tied to trick me into destroying my card so he would apparently print me a new one. Apart from that the card doesn’t look that good as the wheel is completely the wrong size, shade and in the totally wrong position. Apart from this the seller is completely rude and comes back with smart answers.
If that’s I’m being honest with you I would not recommend you from this website especially at this price.
Absolute joke and I only wanted reprint.
he was most likely asking you to break it so that you wouldn’t have two cards for the price of one
this is totally standard practice, if the card you received was so substandard that you didnt want it then it should not be an issue destroying it to get a free reprint.