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Postage 10/10
Took around 12 hours to make, 4 days to arrive so a great turn around

Stealth 10/10
Great stealth, looks just like a letter/card coming through the door absolutely nothing suspicious, in my opinion.

Front hologram 10/10
Literally perfect compared to real one, and under the laminate

Actual design 4/10
On this specific NI licence, unfortunately the golden wheel is far too big, its not the right colour and its not in the right position, for me its one of the only major flaws in this card.

Colours 9/10
Don’t have a real one, but looks pretty good to me.

Raised text 7/10
Its a bit too dark but other than that it feels great

Lenticular 7/10
It’s a vast improvement from the old lent FIDUK used to produce, however it still sticks out of the card a tiny bit, the spoofed image on the lent is very good and moves as you move the card. Only thing im worried about is a bouncer feeling the lent and noticing it sticks out. If he could somehow get the lent flush into the card it could nearly be perfect.

Price 9/10
£50 is good price for a card of this quality and with the super fast shipping.

Overall I feel like the only MAJOR flaw with this card is the golden wheel that is a dead giveaway.
I’ve attached a picture of my real provisional licence with the golden wheel you can see the clear difference.