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Joining UKLeniency

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What is it?

if you didn’t already know, /r/UKLeniency is the subreddit where we can name and shame the exact clubs to avoid where you’re likely to get your ID snatched by a bouncer (which we can’t do on this forum). The sub relies on having an active community and is incredibly useful for those who have not used fake ID yet.

How Do I Join?

Basically, it’s easy as fuck. Take a photo of any real ID which has your real birth date. Scribble out all the other shite if you want just make sure your date of birth is visible. Also in that same photo have a slip of paper with your reddit username so they can add your account.

Upload this photo onto imgur and make it private and send the link to it to one of the mods of the sub and you should get a message back within a couple of days.

All of the mods here are also sub mods, so you can message any of them too, with Wilk normally being the quickest to reach. He has the first comment below, send him a message with the above if needs be.

It’s that fucking easy

Strongly encourage joining this, very helpful community and if you post useful info you could genuinely save a first timer from getting their ID confiscated.

edit: sorry to hijack the post again but I thought I'd add a couple of bits (~Wilk)
How do you message a mod?
Hey wilk, I tried messaging you but it went straight to my outbox, any chance you could pm me :)
Oops I tried joining before seeing this guide.

What if you don’t have any real form of ID. I’m applying for a provisional soon so might have to wait until I get that or would a birth certificate be fine
Can somebody tell me if the reddit page is still up and running?