Basically me and my brother and his friend were going for a drink in a Wetherspoons in our town’s party area. Just a street full of bars and clubs really. We went there first for some food and I had no problem there with my trusty cit. After that though I hadn’t even realised we’d spent like 3 hours there because we were having drinks after eating, and it was pitch black outside. Which meant that there were bouncers on every single pub in sight. I mean, I didn’t shit myself being nervous because I knew I had my cit. But I think I relied on the card alone a bit too much, and got a bit careless, because we went to a pub we were at earlier and even though I got served at the bar just fine earlier during the day, the bouncers saw that I had a cit and not a dl so they asked for my bank card and my name and date of birth. Now I gave them my name just fine and dandy. Because I wasn’t smashed enough to forget my name I even had to give my middle name, but it seems I had drunk enough for me to screw up my f*cking date of birth on the cit. I said the day and month fine but for the year I was saying 199-something then stopping midway when I realised I shouldve said 2000. Of course that made the bouncer suspicious, but it turns out he thought I was just really smashed. Which was great because at that point my brother stepped in and just said I’d had a few and was just going to sober me up with a few cokes. And the other bouncer, (Who was a real legend by the way) he said to let me in (because my brothers friend was giving him the thumbs up to let me in😁). I felt so relieved when they let me in it made me wonder what would’ve happened if I was there on my own which has happened before. Not a very good idea btw. But bloody hell stuff like this just makes me shit my pants like.

Still chuffed nevertheless because he didn’t say anything about the cit being fake just that I was probably too pissed to come in. When actually I was just deadass nervous in front of the bouncer.

I didn’t expect all the bank card stuff to happen down where I live cause I live in a tiny town in bloody Wales. But I guess I was too careless. Think I’ll probably get a new cit anyway because my DoB on my current one is actually the same as my brothers apart from the year, so it may look a bit suspicious with both of us going in at the same time.