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The burglar.

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So this story doesn't relate straight to fake IDs or venues. However, I did get the drink in this story with my fake and it's too fucked to not share.

So last night, I had a party with my mates. We had 2 bottles of Vodka, Sourz, some alcopops for the girls and such. One of my mates were to come later than the rest though. In his mind, the only way he could enjoy the party was to "catch up" with the rest of us. The lad came at 9 when the party started at 6. Within an hour he had drank roughly 500ml of Smirnoff. He walked out the front of my house, laid on the pavement, and threw up all over the place. I told him to come with me to take care of him and sober him up and he ran away from us. I assumed he'd get a taxi home and be fine although I was slightly worrying that he'd get lost since he doesn't live in this town. I get a phone call from him at about 2.30 AM that he's been beat up and I assumed he was mugged or something. I came and found him and after an hour of attempting to persuade him to come with me, he finally did. He slept at my house and then he woke up and got a taxi home. I got a text from my mum with a blurry photo of my mate in a headlock and she said "this lad has been trying to burgle people so watch out". I told her it was my mate and then went on facebook to see that a post has been made about this big bad burglar. The post has been shared really heavily locally and even by my own family members who don't know who it is and he's become locally notorious as a burglar. In reality, what had happened was that he ran away round the corner and because the road looks a little similar to mine in the dark, he walked in somebody's alleyway (because my house also has an alleyway) and banged on the people's gate shouting "It's *insert name*. Let me in." Then a grown man came outside and caught him. He was telling the guy his name but the guy assumed he was a burglar and beat the shit out of him. (He's only fucking 16.) My mate walked down the road trying to get a taxi home when the guy ran back up the road to serve him a whopping round 2. Then I think after that is when I got the phone call about him getting battered. So, today I've had to go around posts notifying the people sharing them and the original post creators that he was just a drunken teenager who got lost.

Anyways, how's your weekend been lads?
Lol I'm the master of drunken navigation, takes a while but we all arrive eventually
Runin28 wrote:
Mon Sep 24, 2018 5:29 pm
Lol I'm the master of drunken navigation, takes a while but we all arrive eventually
He got to mine, got wasted and ran away lmfao. Said he can't remember a single thing. Man got fucked up by a 32 year old grown man.