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Hilarious corner shop

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Hahahahah, so when I go into town I normally use somebody else’s ID as well, the CIT does my nut in sometimes, people taking piss, bouncers asking to see my like Apple ID (Btw, change your age and name to the one on your ID, works a treat) and my bank card. So anyways, I’ve been using someone else’s a bit, and I went to a few places and got in a few venues’ photos...

The next day my mate was desperate for me to go in the shop for him, so I did with no ID. Now this shop is funny, the guy is like, hilarious. Proper weird corner shop like, he’s foreign and I just go up and I’m like, ‘Now then pal can I get the 70CL Smirnoff please’ and he’s like ‘How old you’ and I’m like, ‘eighteen mate.’ And he just goes ‘ID please’.

I look around and nobody is in the shop so I get my phone out and show him the photo of me in this club and I’m like, I don’t carry my DL but I’ve got this. I legit went out last night. I promise you, my name is (Obviously Blanked out name) and I’m eighteen years old, born (Obviously Redacted).

He’s like, okay, but bring it next time!! I’m there like ffs, walk out feeling like king once again. Confidence is key!!;)
I had one shop that asked for ID only after I'd purchased and paid for the alcohol. When I said I didn't have any he just said "don't worry about it"
Went to one shop and asked for a 1L bottle of some shitty vodka and he asked for id which I didn't have so I showed this guy an oyster card one of the blue ones as a joke and he looked at it then gave me the bottle. Fairly sure you could use a piece of cardboard as id these days
Story is good, thanks :)