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Twat barman

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So last night I was on the pisser with the lads and I came across this dude who used to go our high school (he was the year above us) we just finished drinking at the local (about 11 on a Wednesday) so we head down to another pub down the road, where we go to every now and then, we get in the pub and they said they have stopped serving, we said fair enough so waited for a mate to get out of the toilet.

As we are waiting at the door this twat from our highschool says "I know for a fact none of them are 18, they wouldn't get served even if we were still selling" (Nice prejudice against customers there) The thing is two of my friends with me from the same year as me were actually 18 (I have a g0d) so I went up to the bar and said to the dude "if you want me to prove it have a look right now, just because you have a late birthday doesn't mean everyone does" he wouldn't even take a look at my ID because he knew he was wrong. Because I said that he kicked us out of the bar. (Not that we had anything anyway, just waiting for a mate).

There are some fucking twats out there for no reason.

We were thinking about going back there tommorow but we don't want to give them the business to be honest.
Send your eighteen-year-old mates in to give him shite.