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what should i do?

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pretty pissed off. i went to Revs last night and they let me in, but the bouncer said 'i told you this last time that you have to give me a passport or driving licence next time else you wont be allowed in. this will be the final time i let you in, and if you try again you'll be barred'. firstly, he didnt say that to me because last weekend i wasnt allowed in.

i didnt really want to make a fuss even though the sign saying they accept cards with the 'pass' hologram on is right next to the bouncer.

should i just not go back? it just pisses me off because they should accept it.
Don't go back mate. I know it's annoying but I'm sure there are other venues and he's not being very reasonable but at the end of the day you're not really in a place to complain.

Leave it a month or so. Ease of. Then pop back, or get a g0d, although to be honest he'll probably notice lenticular.

Take it easy