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How IDs can literally pay for themselves

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Got my g0d V2 some time at the beginning of the year on a 70% off code, meaning I paid about £18 for it. Being one of the few of my friends with a fake, I was always the one tasked with buying booze for cheap (usually keeping the change, over time this built up to a sizeable amount) until they all eventually ended up buying IDs from me.

Now, £18 was a bargain, but I live close to a massive supermarket with a booze aisle that's larger than the two surrounding shops COMBINED. I went in there A LOT (got a bit too excited with my first ID), to the point that they started recognising me in there, stopped IDing me and I was always friendly with the staff - they must have known some of the alcohol was for my friends but they didn't care in this particular store (but other stores may vary). The money making scheme, however, was the fucking loyalty points EVERY, SINGLE, TIME.

Ya boi just copped an entire crate and a full spirit bottle for about £1 having paid for the rest with loyalty points. Ignoring the savings on sale items and cheaper unit costs in a large retailer, this single transaction proves that buying a fake ID for a reasonable price of up to about £60 can save you money in the long run and it is an investment (it creates new opportunities and can hold it's value, unlike most one-time purchases that depreciate immediately).

I use examples like this to show the idiots that would rather spend £20 on a novelty than £50 on a DL how they are wrong when they keep telling my potential customers how they're wasting their money because novelties work (they don't anywhere near to the same degree) and a DL is apparently a waste of money. A novelty would not have allowed such savings to be made.
For those doing the maths to work out how much I must have spent to receive so many loyalty points, I was sometimes given double points by the staff or used the offers available to increase my points earned per cash amount spent. I played the system and usually the cashback is only about 1% maximum, I also collected points from other purchases.