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Love your meal deal choice g, you'll have to join the Meal Deal Talk UK group on FB it's sick man.

this happened to me as well btw. was going into town and stopped at Sainsbury's for cash back and a redbull, she ID'd me and I legit started laughing at her. Showed her the CIT and walked out with a bit of a wrecked ego. Can't even get served for a fucking energy drink...She said to me that if you look under 25 you need ID even for 16 rated items...(Even though they've served me scratchies there before with no ID.)

I don't look my age at all, easily look older like mans got a beard and shes there askin me for ID like fml what am I gonna do with a redbull snort it or somthin
According to supermarket retards, the law is any store policy whatsoever. Did it to my cousin who looks like a fucking man.