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Citizen Card First Time

Stories and experiences using UK fake ID
The story of the first time I used my citizen card.
So it was the day after I received my citizen card in the post. I had a craving for drink which I couldn't get over. This was around 1:30pm and I was at work but yano who cares. I grab my bag and my trusty I'd and stroll down the the local shop. I see my target drink sitting there on the shelf, begging for me to buy her, it was like she was calling my name. I grabbed the drink, acting like I've done it aillion times before, walked over to the cashier trying not to make direct eye contact incase she falls in love with me. Place the drink on the side, she goes have you got id for that. Keeping my Parkinson's at bay I reach into my back pocket and whip out my premium goat leather wallet and grab the citizen card, (while being careful not to reveal the 5 g0d IDs I have also got in my wallet) I hand it over to her gently, she eyes the card up for about 5 seconds and hands it back. Perfect! Not a single issue, that blonde behind the till had no idea. So I paid and happily walked out that shop holding a fresh can of redbull (stupid age limit), my day has been saved. Thanks fakeiduk ♥️
Hahahahaha Red Bull. Cool story bro.

My CIT has also never let me down:)
Red bull hahaha. Money well spent on a fake then.