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Seizure of G0d Operation

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One of my friends was a massive reseller if g0ds in my area. I copied him to be fair as he was making lots of money. He resold at £75 per id and had resellers working for him aswell. Was making lots of money. Any who someone screenshotted several of his Snapchat stories in relation to the ids and reported him to the police (what a wet wipe) long story short. He has to get all the ids he sold back - which means refunding all those people. He got let off but if he is caught again straight arrest. He gave them g0ds website but there’s fuck all they can do about it really 😂😂😂.
So good bye dear friend he will not be visiting this forum. I will also be stopping resale’s after customs deliver my parcels. There’s too much heat currently. So now my whole friendship group has to give our ids back as we ordered through him and they’ve informed all local pubs of our details so we don’t get served. Snitch bitch
this is why opsec is important as a reseller and should go out as a message to others not to put it on there private sc stories that they are resellers