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joew wrote:
Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:08 pm
wilk007 wrote:
Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:02 am
ZS-SAS wrote:
Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:51 pm
Haah I never had UKFAKES. What was they like? What issues did they have?
And nah mate koppberg is dece, no idea why it gets so much hate. As if they didn’t ID you lol
Here are some scans of mine. Makes me nearly 21 now lol.

  • Was the best fake DL in the UK for the time it was here. When UK-Fakes released his first batches of the new driving
  • license template bouncers didnt see what hit them: worked everywhere. Continued to work everywhere until not long before
  • the Thai police fucked him up.
  • Never got flooded (no bulk buy discounts, £80 a pop) hence why they stayed usable for so long.
  • They still hold up to this day, quite a few people still have and use there UK-F especilly in area where g0ds are flooded.
  • Passed scannet
  • Had a lovely spoofed lenticular lens: it looked really good. Survived many quick flip overs by bouncers
  • UV was mint
  • Laminate was matt finish

  • Hologram had some strong orange peel effect (OPE).
  • Colour was too dark
  • No microprint
  • No raised text (had to DIY with nail varnish or super glue)
  • PVC card so was too thicc and sturdy
  • Font was a bit off
  • Generated sigs only: and they weren't the best
  • Picture background too dark
Might have missed somethings but the card was stellar and worked pretty much anywhere (bars, clubs, strip clubs, casinos, shops, bars anything) during its reign.

RIP UK-Fakes.
Yess still using my battered UKFakes and it has never failed me, also you never had the problems you have with god, like surname and incorrect data being put on id. Just got some idgod ids in for mates and for me ukfakes is better, laminate on idgod is really shiny for some reason and makes it look fake immediately.
The reason for this is because some US states use the gloss and some use the matte. The original V1 g0ds used the matte and the laminate actually looked lovely. He decided to change that for V1.1 and V2 for whatever reason, and won't change it back.

Also, the reason for the issue with g0ds surnames is because the surnames are lasered onto the lam and UK_F only used to print to the card (no raised text). You can fix it with some clear matte spray from amazon (£9 delivered, will go for like 60+ IDs easily).

But yeah man i feel privelidged to have been underage during the era of UK-Fakes. Good times.
Tbf lol i wish I went for a UKFakes. I went for FID instead like an idiot.