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Not exactly ID related, but interesting nonetheless. Was out last night. Picked up some cans of wife beater from Tesco and the girl at the self service was going on about how much the IDs had changed when she saw me v2 fuck haha. But all ended up well. just on a usual night out. g0ds worked perfectly. Sniffed a gram of charlie over the night. Get a phone call this morning from the doctor’s wanting a urine sample for Monday. Am absolutely fucked. Not sure how to get out of this one.
Sounds very skits and bery fucked at the same time. Not sure how the fuck your gonna miss the fucking urine sample though haha. Fair night
How come the doctors wants a piss sample?? Can't you just say no?
Full on hospital appointment pal. Completely forgot.
Guess the only thing you could do is not turn up? Then again might be important so ..