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I’ve got one, passes off licences no problem, the wheel logo doesn’t shine under light like the real thing but apart from that it’s pros and cons are identical to the British one. Haven’t tried venues yet so no I’m help their.
He eventually agreed to give me reprints if I destroyed my current card, didn’t believe I’d not just taken the lent off and was messing him about lol. Decided to just keep the card as I heard the lent caused scanning issues and I cba waiting for a couple more weeks. Was sound to be fair after he’d s...
Just received DL from Fiduk without the lenticular, only the original spoofed lent that we saw underneath.
Anyone else having this issue, is it due to scanning issues?
If not, is this a big enough issue to ask for reprints?
Probably blockchain, until u can verify coinbase with ur fake, about 3-5£ on blockchain. Almost nothing if you use coinbase pro whenever you’re verified
Disappeared from his website altogether now. :O maybe he’s making improvements idk
Any update on this mods, don’t wanna be a pain in the arse just haven’t heard anything
Anyone else think the colour doesn’t look to have been improved by much, still very visibly different in colour to the real in the photos.
Dunno if I can justify 50 £ for a new lenticular and back
Messaged him this evening and they’re available to buy now. Still seems to have that purple tinge to it that’s worrying me :o
With a new template for fiduk, lenticular on God’s and OIS fakes on the way it’s lookin like a good time for uk fakes :)