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Okay cheers was going to email reprints tonight but I guess I’ll just wait then a bit longer until the laminate actually reaches the edges of the cards as that’s one of the main issues with it right now and I’m worried about their usability
Cheers for the reply, does anyone also know if the laminates been changed back to normal yet or if that’s still an issue?
I’m messaging for reprints, do you need to send attached photos of the issues of your ID in the email, also are you expected to cut them up since I will need them for this weekend
There is a decoy used but for obvious reasons no ones going to be able to tell you what the decoy G0D uses is, it will be delivered in a standard package you would receive from China
Really that’s good then I’ll probably end up asking for reprints then because imo it’s an instant giveaway when you look at the card, my friends ID came bent af as well so I’m definetly gonna have to message for him
When I say that it’s fucked it’s still no longer the shiny laminate looks pretty good actually just that on all sides of the card it doesn’t nearly reach the edge which I thinks a big giveaway, lenticular still flush on the back and laminate doesn’t reach the edge on either side again
Can confirm the laminate is still fucked on the front, should I message reprints or do you think this is a permanent change
Localbitcoins is what I use, a lot of sellers on there require ID and if you willing to send a photo of your dl or provisional whatever ID you have then they might accept it as I don’t think all sellers require you to be 18. Either that or do some searching on there and usually you can find a seller...
Exact same as you ordered over a week ago and still no update on the tracking section pretty sure once it gets shipped it changes from saying none to shipped but it’s my first time ordering so not sure. I’ll be pissed off if I wait over a month for IDs to come and they come messed up like people are...
Real IDs will have a lenticular unless there is a defect ( I know this because my friend has a real drivers licence where the lenticular is fucked and doesn’t shift image) I would recommend getting the lenticular on it since the reason my last ID was taken was because it didn’t have a lenticular on ...