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g0d is also cheap if you use 50% off codes, that and ordering as a group really do cut costs greatly.

For "pub" pubs and corner shops, I'd say his DL will get around more than a CIT. Both are good options, however.
Perhaps his laminate was fucked or something?

Pretty sure there’s only 2 security features on that card (holo and uv)
ik there was a few photos of the card posted by another user but didn't somebody say they'd post a scan of the card or something? Just wondering. or if somebody has one, could they post a scan?
Shit, did he email it? I didn't get anything in my emails.
My only issue now is the bottom left corner being a bit too purple and the line being red/pink instead of a greeny blue. The printer upgrade sounds great and if he can end up with a new laminate, it would be nuts :) Very happy with the quality of his card. I'd order from him with a group but single ...
Email reprints and ask what’s up.
CIT is the more 1:1 card
DL could in theory be accepted in venues that don't accept CIT cards
choice is yours
I personally think the DL needs a bit more work.
Probably the majority of places. Don’t post threads like this. /R/UKLENIENCY
Perfect, I've emails 're prints I'll see what they say. Seems to be making it's way to my local delivery facility. Should I just leave this package and forget about it concidering I will have to go and pay for the customs charges and what not, or just pay it I'd personally suggest to not go. Pretty...
He does respond but it won't be instant. He'll pull through within a day or two.