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wilk007 wrote:
Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:54 am

Great review, will help people deciding what to buy no end.
Go big or go home am i right?
FAKEIDUK v3 Drivers License Review: After much criticism on FAKEIDUK's other drivers license, will this new version do any justice to what was his previous one? Here i spend a good hour typing about all the pros-cons and other things about his new drivers license that you may want to take into acco...
100% a DL. Wait to see reviews on both the new g0d and FIDUK before going for it but man...CIT’s aren’t even accepted anywhere. Probs won’t be taken but it’s just a ‘what’s this pal’ or ‘you got out else on you’. If the dl’s don’t work well get a license that looks like you!! You would be incorrect...
Wait untill reviews come out about his new DL. I will be posting one later this week.
I know alot of places now in brum and so on, first thing they check is the back for the legit looking lenticular lens.
So options may be limited. but check the leniancy sub
He ran out of holograms but he recieved more on monday, hes currently working through a huge backlog aswell. Give it 2 weeks i would say.
So fakeiduk made an announcement on wickr that he has a new template out for the drivers license. And the photos look pretty damn good. He seems to have 1:1 replicated the lenticular lens which is a never done before feat in fake id's. Here is an album of the new I'd: Her...
Will the fakeidentificationuk iD work in pubs you think ? To be honest, pubs round me in London only check UV and this has done the trick for quite a few people. Even then, the UV on fakeidentifacation is completly bespoke and wrong.
If it was as easy as altering the date of birth on an existing proof of age document, we wouldnt need fake ids.
I gave him a message yesterday saying "Hi do you think ill recieve them by this weekend, thanks." he replied with "Possibly" which isnt too reassuring. And considering someone said that theirs got done next day and ive been waiting 1+ week. Dosnt look to good. Update: hes finally made the id's and ...