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the week before christmas is possibly the worst week of the year to try and post anything and im sure this year is much worse than normal, it seems lots of postal workers are off sick and i dont know what its like in the country he ships from, but it does seem a bit of an excessive delay. please let...
hi everything is fine with all the vendors we verify, they are all suffering from slight delays in certain areas due to corona and staff shortages, but other than that there is no issue. unless you are referring to something we do not know about and in that case please share it with us if something ...
hi ZS, i sent a private message to and they say they have no record of your name on and also that nobody has been contacting them about a card that has not arrived. are you sure you ordered from them? they want you to contact them on wickr, and they say they will sort it if there is i...
hi hitel, welcome to the forum,

we do not sell anything on this forum, it is for review purposes only.

you need to contact our verified vendors and ask them directly.

although i know does the new design.


his wickr is



he ships from europe, spain i think.

and the post is taking about 6 days to arrive judging from people recent experiences.

hi orange,

yes thats the way he works, he has been a verified vendor for several years on this forum and you would have nothing to worry about regarding trust issues.
that goes for all our verified vendors too.

we would be keen to hear how your transaction goes if you decide to purchase.

ok, we have finally managed to get links to some photos from this is not exactly a vendor post but i feel this is the best category for this post and i know lots of people have been wanting to see these pics. he does not like coming on the forum himself for whatever reason and we ...

which vendor are you actually referring too? there are lots of very similar website names?


hi, we recommend both, they both have different pros and cons, so again it will depend where you try and use them. never used to have the engraved images on the front and back until recently, i have still to actually see the new card but it is supposed to be very good, i am hoping to ...