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never seen one in format 1 myself, maybe if you have a road and town name that’s so big fuck off it won’t fit on one line? idk

my real provisional & my parents’ licences are set like format 2
Also wanna give a shoutout to some of the OGs from reddit for helping keep the forum alive, posting info we sometimes miss (OIS license updates and g0d forum posts) and answering a hell of a lot of questions we struggle to (delivery times/ current quality) for we don't really order IDs. Pudal, Patc...
£65 is fair enough if you’re selling locally, tbf I don’t think a lot of 16-17s in my area have the money to pay that, but there are a select few. you might be able to expand into a whole different town with people that have the money to pay at that price besides, at £65 you’re basically getting hal...
yeah same I’d say glossiness and raised text as the main flaws

another is that the UV isn’t as bright and pronounced as it should be but that doesn’t matter too much as I’ve never heard of anyone be declined for that
honestly got fuckin ripped to shreds by dealers at the casino today 1) “Do you drive?” (in relation to the free parking) “oh wait no you have to be 17 to drive in the UK right?” 2) “You’re 16 but you look 12 in your photo” 3) “Bet you both used fake IDs to get in” I’m gonna get this shit for the res...
SabreTooth wrote:
Thu Jan 31, 2019 11:55 pm
Back laminate looks weird though. That could be a giveaway.
yeah it’s missing the edges on all 4 sides, could be fixed in the future tho
Just got a reprint from g0d and the lenticular is fully flush to the card 🤤🤤🤤

Unfortunately he forgot to print the fucking raised text on both card (both sides too) but fucking hell the lenticular is peng
I never get them rip me
Only new thing to the template is that some addresses will be on one line, which is more accurate bc my dad’s (same address) is like that

but no one gives a shit about that anyway