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Had no success using yoti at all, wouldn’t accept any of my g0ds & no point trying cits bc they have access to the database
Just got my email back confirming reprints :)
TR1875 wrote: No lenticular on my order either, most of the cards where scratched to fuck too
Fucking same mate scratches all round aswell as the missing lenticular
Mine were shipped on the 28th, I’ll get pics up as soon as I can
Although I can’t help you in your situation, I’ll explain how to get more BTC for your £ (less fees etc.) 1) bank transfer to GBP wallet 2) deposit GBP wallet to coinbase pro 3) buy BTC 4) withdraw to wallet I think you get a higher limit using bank transfers over card, and payment only takes 30 min...
g0d just said on his forum that UK IDs from today have real lenticular lense

perfect time to get a fuckin order in bois
OldIronsidesFakeIDs wrote:
Tue Oct 16, 2018 4:04 am
Will do the Application for the verification with the MODs SOON.
nice one! any hints on what the lenticular loolks/feels like? ;)
Yeah but not to verify age, it's to verify you're not a crime lord lol. I was turned away for being under 18 a few times, it's up to the individual trader. Really? I've not used it for 2 years tbf, but I never got turned away with my old provisional saying I was 16/17. Fair play They recently chang...
this is why we have CGMC brother, no fucking around & you can pay in crypto :) only issue is that you can't get it on the spot if one day you just decide to go out and blaze I got an invite to cgmc last year and made an account, the prices were too high and the weed looked meh. Anything changed? Th...
While we're here, can I just ask anyone that has took their ID abroad whether they took it in carry-on or in checked luggage? There were answers to this on reddit but obviously I can't just 'use the searchbar' aha