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Ensure you entered the right wallet address. If you were able to set the transfer (mining) fee, you may have set it too low and it'll take a few days or possibly never make it. See if you can find a transaction ID, or your wallet address and enter it in to this site:
wilk007 wrote:
Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:30 pm

It's like being back on the sub when I see retarded shit like this, I love it <3
I ordered 0.00000069 seconds ago and haven't got a confirmation yet have I been scammed?

Edit: It just came through but took five minutes
Probably means someone fucked up and declared "what was in the package" wrong. Contact reprints.
He's started emailing better codes to the email addresses to accounts registered on his forum - however, I think 50% is the best you can do at the moment
I am back after a long time. Seeing we have these updated g0ds, I am looking to start reselling again. Was wanting to increase my OPSEC this time in terms of delivery and payments as I've had quite a few paranoid moments. Suggestions would be welcome on doing this. Many thanks. You probably know mo...
Real DLs are a bit thinner than the best of the V2s. The second rendition of the V2 was a decent effort to look more realistic but they just fell to pieces after a few days and were bendy.

Thiccness isn't too much of an issue, just bend factor.
G0d produces the best looking product, comes with a duplicate and has fantastic after sales support.

FIDUK is a little bit quicker, but his best product is his CITs.
Could have just been a lenient club, pubs and shops barely ever ID me and if they do they take fewer than two seconds to look. Now, I do look mid twenties but I've come to learn that 65% of it is the way you carry yourself and the ID does the rest.
Meanwhile in America... ... ideo_game)

No ID needed to buy games like this.
Fuck me it was such a fat download. Drove back from tesco's like a maniac, nearly fucking killed myself and probably got three speeding tickets... To end up sitting in front of a download screen for two hours.