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Using a fake: no one gives a fuck unless you live in a village like the one in Hot Fuzz

Selling fakes: The Plod sometimes show interest, but prosecutions are really rare
He is sometimes rude, but if I had a business where I only interacted with teenagers on a messaging app all day I'd probably be pulling my hair out after a few days.
I've posted something like this before, and have since got a deeper understanding. They send over the name, address, DOB and possibly some other details to one or more credit reference agencies (CRAs) who may hold a fair bit of information about you before you even turn 18. The CRA may return what t...
Lol I've had drug dealers that are just nice guys, and it goes a long way regardless of the quality of their drugs. If G0d provides such brilliant customer service, then his competitors probably should too. I don't think it's a like for like comparison to compare fake ID manufacturers to drug dealer...
Blockchain provides decent (but not the best rates) and doesn't require verification. For customers that can't be too fucked, that's where I send them and it's pretty simple.
The fake ID is one part of the story. If you dress and act the part as wilko said, that'll give off all the right signals. Read the reviews and guides, join r/UKLeniency and learn how to act confidently without looking like a cock.
We probably will have to, but food and medication is higher up on the list of priorities. Perhaps the government will stay part of some "European driving alliance" or whatever the EU call it (they have thousands of BS names for things) that may not require the member states to be part of the EU.
Insta sellers are usually scammers. The product in their photos isn't the product they deliver, if they deliver anything at all. Accounts are usually very young and comments are biased using fake / disposable accounts or just deleting the comments that criticise them.
Police keep a pretty good record of the status of all their investigations. One day (possibly in a few years) you might get a letter from them saying the case is closed but until then, the case probably will remain open but no one will investigate it.
just realised provisionals should last through brexit as there’s no EU flag hope they don’t change the UK template too much No bouncer will give a fuck about the EU flag as most licences are valid for 10 years. I also don't expect the design will be changed immediately after independence day, as so...